JRF Global is a non-clinical Contract Research Organization, with its multinational facilities in India, Japan, the USA and the UK.

JRF Global, is an internationally acclaimed Contract Research Organization. We have provided several thousand comprehensive GLP research reports for Global regulatory submissions, for the registration our sponsors’ products. The product range supported by our services, find applications in the fields across the applications as Human and Veterinary therapeutics, Pharmaceuticals, Crop protection products & other Agrochemicals, Biocides, Specialty chemicals etc.

JRF Global offers integrated services for characterizing and testing of products for their Chemical properties, Eco-toxicological and Environmental implications, and mammalian safety, with a strong and capable Regulatory guidance for Agrochemicals, Biocides and Specialty Chemicals to economize the testing requirements by providing strong technical arguments.

One of the most important strengths of JRF Global, is globally accepted data generation for regulatory submissions, in full compliance with OECD Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), by our transcontinental facilities.

All of our facilities are purpose-built with the floor area exceeding 125,000 Sq. Ft. The labs are constructed to the global norms in terms of quality of environment, especially in the field of toxicology. The animal rooms have multiple barriers and HEPA filtered clean air, with pressure gradients ensuring quality of air in the clean corridor, animal rooms and return corridors. These labs house state of the art research instruments equipped with electronic data capture.

Global JRF is proud to have the regional GLP accreditations – NGCMA, India for JRF India; MHRA, UK for GC Labs, US EPA for JRF America and Chemical Substance Control Law : CSCL as well as Agricultural Chemicals Regulation Law : ACRL for HJCL. JRF Global has been endowed with accreditations like AAALAC, Nuclear regulatory Authorities as well as various national authorities relevant to the type of research.

All studies are conducted at JRF in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the EMA, US FDA, ICH, OCSPP / OPPTS and OECD. This expertise gives JRF Global, a competitive edge over competitors to establish it as a highly revered multinational CRO. The client list exceeds 400 companies, including several leading multinationals belonging to diversified industries.

The Global JRF employees over 200 scientists, spread across the globe, with collective experience exceeding a few thousand years! The expertise spreads across Analytical and Product Chemistry, Aquatic and Avian Biology, Biochemistry and Metabolism, Biotechnology, Ecology and Environment, Mammalian, Terrestrial Biology and Genetic, in vitro and in vivo Toxicology coupled with proficient Histopathology expertise.

JRF Global has a prestigious panel of a dozen global experts, on our Research Advisory Committee, who are the leading lights in their respective fields of expertise, e.g. Regulatory Affairs, Chemistry, Toxicology, Pathology and Environmental Sciences.

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